Karthigai Festival @ Sri Raja Rajeswari Amman Temple, London, 03-10-2012

Karthigai Festival @ Sri Raja Rajeswari Amman Temple, London, 03-10-2012

Nature of Lord Karttikeya and the Festival

Full Moon Day Golden Chariot Festival Part 1 – 2 @ Sri Raja Rajeswarie Amman Temple, London 28-09-2012

Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga represents the power of the Supreme Being that preserves moral order and righteousness in the creation. The Sanskrit word Durga means a fort or a place that is protected and thus… Continue reading

Navratri Festival @ Sri Raja Rajeswari Amman Temple Stoneleigh, Epsom, Surrey Day 1, 16-10-2012

For the devotees of mother Durga the most authentic text is the Durga Saptashati. This ancient text is actually a portion of the Markandeya Puran. This Puran contains, among other things, details about… Continue reading

Why do we need to realize the self?

Self Realization

Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Maha Lakshmi

Goddess Maha Lakshmi

Goddess Durga

Durga 1

Shiva: The Personification of Consciousness

Shiva: The Personification of Consciousness Lord Shiva is one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood deities in the spiritual realm of Sanatana Dharma. As Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya explains in this informative spiritual… Continue reading

The Philosophy of Shaivism E book

The Philosophy of Shaivism E book


Main Points – Episode Happiness is not dependent on physical objects.Objects, possessions, gadgets are designed to give us comfort.Physical comfort is different from emotional comfort. Happiness is a feeling.Happiness is our internal creation… Continue reading

The Significance of Shiva’s Dance(MP4)

The Significance of Shiva’s Dance   This cosmic dance of Shiva is called ‘Anandatandava,’ meaning the Dance of Bliss, and symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction, as well as the daily… Continue reading