Mahotsavam 1st Day of Flag Hosting Festival May 2010.

The festival begins with the hoisting of the temple flag. This is followed by 17 days of internal temple processions conducted in the inner pathways of the temple. On each day of the festival, the images of Ganesha, Skanda, and the presiding consort goddess are paraded around the temple. Devotees visit the temple to attend the daily pujas and make their offerings. On the penultimate day of the festival there is a procession, when the image of the goddess is placed upon a huge wooden stage and curried around the temple by devotees. On the 15th day of the festival, large chariots are drawn by the devotee’s outer streets, on the 16th day it is thirtham (“holy bath”) ceremony when the images are dipped into pool inside the temple. After the holy bath, the procession goes around inner temple accompanied by traditional Nadeswaram and Thavil musicians.