Masi Maham Festival @ Sri Raja Rajeswari Amman Temple 2011

Masi Magam is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated in a unique manner in the Tamil almanac. It is the time when the “Magam” birth star cascades on the full moon day in the Tamil month of Masi, which falls in between February and March.
The special worshipping form of Goddess Lakshmi is the ultimate power that can help you to achieve your dreams and riches.
We had Guest Speaker at our Temple form South Africa
Shiri M K Angajan inspires thousands of large and distinguished audiences internationally on Management and Leadership philosophy, the path of self-development, life-management and fulfillment. Angajan is an accomplished management philosopher, behavioral scientist, corporate consultant, author and much sought-after keynote speaker. He conducts value-based Executive Development Workshops and Seminars for senior corporate personnel, business executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, political leaders, scientists and other professional groups….CLICK