Thrissur Karella India (Pooram Festival)

Thrissur Pooram is a festival organized at the Vadakkunnathan temple located at the Thrissur town centre. There is a large ground surrounding the Vadakkunnathan temple (Thekkinkadu maithanam) and a wide ring road around it. Thrissur Pooram is celebrated as a friendly competition between two groups of temples – Thiruvambady temple group(Kanimangalam, Laloor, Ayyanthole, Nethilakkavu and Thiruvambady temples) and Paramekkavu temple group(Paramekkavu, Karamukku, Chembukavu, Choorakottukavu and Panamukkamppilly temples). During the festival, Poorams(elephant processions) will start from these temples and will arrive at the Vadakkunnathan temple where Lord Siva is the deity.
The major attractions of Thrissur Pooram include Elephant processions, Ilanjithara Melam, Panchavadyam and fireworks. At its core, it is nothing but a gathering of people just for the sake of meeting others!