Maha Allual Festival @ New Malden Murugan Temple 8th Day (27-08-2011)

‘Murugu’ means ‘beauty’; hence ‘Murugan’ means ‘Beautiful one’. Where there is beauty, love shines; where there is love, truth sparkles. When we seek the Truth, we get liberated.

It is said that Lord Muruga taught the Indian language Tamil to Saint Agasthiar. Lord Muruga Himself sat as the leader for the academy of poets (Tamil Sangam) in Madurai (Tamil Nadu) and the language flourished as a result. Accordingly, He is called the God of Tamil.

It is written in Kanda Puranam that Saint Vasistha has said that if one worships Lord Muruga on Friday and fasts on that day, all his wishes will get fulfilled. Lord Muruga was brought up by Karthigai maids. By worshipping Him on the Karthigai star day and observing a fast, one’s problems will be removed and one will be liberated. This was a wish granted by Lord Shiva Himself to the Karthigai maids.

Maha Annual Festival,8th Day, 27-08-2011 @ New Malden Murugan Temple, London from Anand Kumar (London Temples) on Vimeo.