Maha Annual Festival 10th & 11th Day2011 @ New Malden Murugan Temple, London

The word Muruga is derived from the word “Murugu” which means honey, beauty, fragrance and eternal youth. True to His name, this God of love, beauty and power has been exerting His charm on millions of people in South India and beyond. Though there were caste, class and other differences between them, when it comes to Muruga worship they all become one. The charm that radiates from Muruga unites them all. During festivals like Thaipoosam, they come from all directions, meander their way, like rivers destined towards ocean, converge at Palani and worship the Lord of the Hills, Sri Dhandayudhapani with single minded devotion. One could easily spot a Muruga devotee. The mark of a Muruga devotee is the white ashes prominently applied in his forehead that carries an eternal message. The ash is the creation of the element of fire which dissolves everything. We fight battles, secure properties and sacrifice principles all for the sake of preservation of this body, never knowing that this body is ultimately going to perish and turn into ashes. May this truth remain as an eternal reminder in all conduct.

11th Day Maha Annual Festival 29-08-2011

10th Day Maha Annual festival 28-08-2011