Kamakshi Dukha Nivarini Asthakam & Crawley Amman Video 18-10-2011

Kamakshi Dukha Nivarini Asthakam
[Octet addressed to Kamakshi to remove sorrow]
By Annai Durgai Siddhar
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Once playfully Goddess Parvathi shut the eyes of Lord Shiva. As a result the entire world was drowned in darkness. Shiva cursed her to be born in earth. She was born as Kamakshi in a place called Maangaadu (Forest of mango) and did Thapas (penance) to marry shiva. This very musical octet written in Tamil is addressed to this Goddess Kamakshi, who is housed in a great temple in Mangadu…. Please click here to read more


Sri Swarna Kamadzi Amman Temple

Crawley,West Sussex,UK