How to Visit a Hindu Temple

How does one visit a Hindu temple? In a literal sense, it appears obvious. First, get yourself to one. Second, take off your shoes, and third, step in. Visit, in the most fundamental sense of the word, accomplished.

A visit anywhere, though, is so much more than just the physical action of stepping in and stepping out. The significance varies from one individual to the next. A vacation to Spain or a business trip to Detroit sound vastly different, but both involve the individual going through the motions of life in a given location and concocting a mental snapshot of the entire experience to pull out in the future.

A trip’s purpose doesn’t always have concrete shape and form. Because many might not have a tangible reason for visiting a Hindu temple (including myself on many occasions), I instead decided to make this a Lonely Planet-style guide to visiting it. This role of a guide of sorts, helping the interested visitor, is more illuminating than telling people how to visit a place…Please Click Here To Read More