Ravi & Anoushka Shankar – Raga Anandi Kalyan

The Ravi Shankar Foundation – Nada Brahma – Sound is God

The core of Ravi Shankar’s music has always been the spirituality, which instantly touches the listener. It was 77 years ago that Ravi Shankar first came to this country. Since then, this musical messiah has worked tirelessly to take the great music of his country to every corner of the earth.
In 1985, when Ravi Shankar received his doctorate from Cal Arts, the citation read, “Ravi Shankar, musician to the world” whose rare genius has opened the ears and minds of millions to the wondrous aesthetic of India’s ancient musical tradition – adored musical ambassador whose incomparable artistry has created bridges of understanding among the peoples of the earth.”..PLEASE CLICK HERE