Maha Lakshmi Mantra-Money Mantra

Listen each day in the morning and whenever you feel you need vital energy. At times external influences of energies make us feel low or negative. This mantra will remove the negativity and make your day super powerful. There are other versions of the same Mantra, so understand the essence rather than being caught up on which is the right one. There is a powerful energy ritual also to be followed. When you get up, first look at both the palms of your hands. The tip of the fingers represent Lakshmi energy. Lakshmi represents Money and Wealth. When you focus on the tips of the fingers give yourself a thought that ” Money will flow effortlessly in my life” and ” I am handling Money Powerfully”. The centre represents Saraswati energy and Goddess Saraswati represents Learning. When you focus on the center, give yourself a thought that ” I am attracting the perfect learning in my work or business and Mastering the required skill. Learning is the Bramhaastra or the most potent tool to Success. The wrist represents Govinda or Vishnu Energy. When you focus on the wrists then give yourself a thought that ” I am attracting the Universal Higher Principles and operating from my Higher Self. Then you rub the hands, and take the energy on to your Face. Following the ritual each day will ensure a successful and blissful life. A mystical enlightened master revealed to me two Mantra secrets. One of the is each day when we get up in the morning to repeat this one line Mantra ” Om Namo Narayana ” 7 or 11 times. Share it with your loved ones.