What Is Saivism’s Affirmation of Faith? (Lesson of the Day)

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Sloka 139 from Dancing with Siva

What Is Saivism’s Affirmation of Faith?

The proclamation “God Siva is Immanent Love and Transcendent Reality” is a potent affirmation of faith. Said in any of Earth’s 3,000 languages, it summarizes the beliefs and doctrines of the Saivite Hindu religion. Aum.


An affirmation of faith is a terse, concise statement summarizing a complex philosophical tradition. “God Siva is Immanent Love and Transcendent Reality,” is what we have when we take the milk from the sacred cow of Saivism, separate out the cream, churn that cream to rich butter and boil that butter into a precious few drops of ghee. “God Siva is Immanent Love and Transcendent Reality” is the sweet ghee of the Saivite Hindu religion. In the Sanskrit language it is Sivah Sarvagatam Prema, Param Satyam Parah Sivah. In the sweet Tamil language it is even more succinct and beautiful: Anbe Sivamayam, Satyame Parasivam. In French it is Dieu Siva est Amour omniprÚsent et RÚalitÚ transcendante. We strengthen our mind with positive affirmations that record the impressions of the distilled and ultimate truths of our religion so that these memories fortify us in times of distress, worldliness or anxiety. The Tirumantiram proclaims, “Transcending all, yet immanent in each He stands. For those bound in the world here below, He is the great treasure. Himself the Parapara Supreme, for all worlds He gave the way that His greatness extends.” Aum Namah Sivaya.

Lesson 294 from Living with Siva

Getting Hold Of Your Mind

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