Hinduism & Hindu Temples in Japan

Part 2

Hinduism in Japan History

There is a relatively small number of Hindus found throughout Japan. There are currently 4,000 registered Hindus in the country, with about one third located in the Kansai area and living in Kobe, where they remain the third largest foreign community, after Chinese and Koreans.[citation needed] The arrival of Hindus and other Indians in Japan began in the 1870s, when they arrived at Yokohama (specifically Osaka, center of the textile trade) and began a profitable business exporting textiles and silk yarn to India while importing cotton yarn to be manufactured in Japan, which eventually made textiles one of the largest and most cheaply produced exports.[citation needed] However, this rising Indian immigration ceased in the 1980s when competing cheap labor from third-world countries caused the textile industry to decline in Japan.[citation needed].…..Click here to read more