Saivism Capital

Tiruvannamalai is the capital of Saivism and saiva cult is a world apprehended. The South Indian The nature of a god Siva is the God of all countries. Annamalaiannal is the most sacred of the names of the manifestation of Lord Siva.

Pancha Bootha Sthalam (5 Nature Attributes)

The earth is formed by five basic elements namely
these are called as “Pancha Boothas” and associated them with five sacred places for worshipping Lord Siva. And the
center of these five elements for Fire is identified with Thiruvannamalai. ATHARA STHALAM.
Thiruvannamalai is the most sacred of these twenty two Called (Ninaithale Mukthi Tharum Thiruthalam). Place for Salvation
SivaPuranam notable four sacred places for obtaining salvation. Thiruvannamalai is one among them. The significance of this
place is that by mere remembrance of Lord Arunachaleswarar at this place gives salvation to all souls (Ninaithale Mukthi Tharum Thiruthalam)…..Please click here to read more
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