Establish Basic Hindu Principles

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From The Master Course by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

July 13, 2007

Lesson 92 from Merging with Siva 

At one time or another in life, each of us has had similar experiences of temptation. There were times when we went against what we knew to be the better action, did things we knew we would be sorry for later. We knew because the actual knowing of the consequences of our actions or inactions is resident within us. Even the demons of ancient scripture are actually within us, for that is the lower, instinctive nature to which power is given when we go against what we know to be the best for us. Even the greatest souls have temptations. The souls who are the oldest and the strongest have the strongest temptations and desires. Do you often ask, “Why should this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this?” The experience was created and born of your own strength. Any lesser experience would have meant little more than nothing to you because no lesson would have been derived from it. When we go to kindergarten, we are taught gently. When we go to the university, we are taught in the language of the university. The teachings only come to us from life in a way that we can best understand them, in a way that we can best call forth our inner strength. I have been in many situations and expected people to meet certain standards, but I have discovered that there are many basic things people just don’t know. If you check back through the pages recording various periods of your life, you will observe that knowing grew from certain experiences which you held memory of in your subconscious mind. You can also look within yourself and observe all that you do not know that you knew. For example, start with all those things you are not sure about. You must resolve all of these things through understanding before you can clear your subconscious mind. When you have cleared your subconscious mind through understanding the lessons from the experiences you are still reacting to, you will unfold the inner sight of your clear white light and begin to live in your true being. The yoga student must establish basic principles in his life. He must try very hard to do this. The knowledge of interrelated action and reaction is within the consciousness of man. To understand the deeper experiences of life, we must analyze them. We must ask ourselves, “What does this experience mean? What lesson have I derived from it? Why did it happen?” We can only find answers to these questions when we have established a foundation of dharmic principles, which are the mental laws governing action and reaction. On pages 194-195 are listed thirty-six contemporary dharmic principles that stabilize external forces so that a contemplative life may be fully lived. When practiced unrelentingly, they bring the understanding of the external and deeper experiences of life. If you desire to find the answer to any question intently enough, you can find the answer within yourself, or you can find it in our holy scriptures or books of wisdom. Pick up one of these books, open it, and you will intuitively turn to the page which holds an answer to your question. You have had the experience at one time or another of recognizing your answer as confirmation that all knowing is within you…..Read More