Thiru Neelakanda Nayanar Animated Story

Thiru Neela Kanda Nayanar is a ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He is a poor potter making begging bowls. He used to donate these bowls to the Shiva devotees. Neela Kanda is the other name of Lord Shiva who saved the world by drinking the poison. Story narrates that he was caught in front of his wife for being with a prostitute, his wife made a oath in the name of Lord Shiva ‘not to touch us’ instead of her. Neela Kanda Nayanar being an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva didn’t touch any women afterwards. Seeing his sincere devotion Lord Shiva himself came in the form of a Shiva devotee and wanted Nayanar to take care of bowl till he is back. Nayanar obeyed his order. The devotee with his super power made the bowl to disappear. As soon as he came back, the devotee asked for the bowl and Nayanar couldn’t give it back. In return, he offered other costly bowls which the devotee refused and accused Nayanar of being a thief. Nayanar pleaded him and said that he didn’t steal his bowl. The devotee wanted Nayanar to promise this by holding his wife’s hand. As Nayanar couldn’t fulfil this request due to the oath, he asked whether he can hold two ends of the stick and go into a tank for the promise. But it was rejected, later he said the story of oath to the court and they were allowed to dip in the tank by holding two ends of the stick. As soon as they got up, they were young by the grace of Lord Shiva...>>.>>