Maha Saraswati Stotram with Lyrics!

Maha Saraswati Stotram with Lyrics!

 Shri Sarasvati Shatnam Stotram : These are the names of Maa Sarasvati, who the kindest is The Goddess of learning, knowledge, and wisdom. Maa Saraswati is worshipped by all who are interested in knowledge, especially students, teachers, scholars, and scientists. Derived from the Sanskrit words ‘sara’ meaning ‘essence ‘ and ‘swa’ means ‘self’, Saraswati literally translates to ‘the essence of the self’. The consort of Lord Brahma — the creator of the universe, Maa Saraswati symbolizes the creative power of Brahma (as knowledge is necessary for the act of creation). Vedas describes Goddess Saraswati as resident on the tip of the tongue. Maa Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge is also the Goddess of proper diction and speech. Maa kindly bestow your full love n blessings always upon your kids all around the UNIVERSE.

This is a beautiful stotram sang by children. Enjoy!