Sri Rajarajeshwari Ashtakam Lyrics

Who is Sri Raja Rajeshwari Amman?

Divinity manifests from age to age in the human form in order to re-establish Dharma (righteousness) and to guide all mankind back to the righteous path. The Mother is a universal embodiment of compassion. She extends her warmth and grace to protect and bless her children. God appears in many forms but to experience God in the form of Sri Varahi brings a great deal of peace and joy.

Shakti, Goddess: Goddess Shakti is Supreme Godhead in the form of the Mother of Creation. She is the Supreme Godhead worshipped by members of the Shakta sect of Hinduism. Her forms include Goddess Parvathi, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, Kali, Rajarajeswari, Amman. Goddess Shakti is also represented by the Sri Chakra Yantra, which is often worshipped in place of Her other forms.

Sri Maha Vaarahi is the solemn power of Sri Raja Rajeswari  took the incarnation of Sri Maha Vaarahi to eliminate the cruel demon Pandasura.

Varahi as a very powerful and active Goddess who destroys evil forces, protects spiritual aspirants, and grants wishes. According to her mythology, she is commander of the forces of the mother-goddess, symbolizing the might of SriVidya.(knowledge of yogas, rituals and devotional service). As Varahi she destroys evil forces that obstructs the devotees progress, paralyses the enemies, and leads the devotees ultimately to Sri-Vidyas. Varahi represents the new-moon and the illumination aspects of the mother-goddess. Varahi is also said to be one of the Yoginis, taking the form of a boar. She is said to lift up the earth with her tusks to confer benefits on all creatures.

Shri Rajarajeswari amman is shakthi. She is the mother. she blesses her children. she gives us strength. Shri Rajarajeswari is an amsa of shakthi.